INSTEON Wall Switches

Remote control switch.
INSTEON Wall Switches replace your current switches and add remote control in the process. Tap the paddle to turn your lights on and
off or press and hold to brighten and dim. A convenient row of LEDs show you where you are in the brightness range. A single light switch can control a single room
or an entire house thanks to the built-in INSTEON technology. And if you've ever changed a light switch, you can install an INSTEON switch.
Simply swap out your current light switch and you can enjoy all of the benefits of a remote-control INSTEON wall switch.

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Enhanced with the INSTEON Hub

Automation to the masses.
To truly take advantage of your INSTEON Wall Switch and to enable remote control from anywhere in the world via your smartphone,
the INSTEON Hub is essential. Together with a household of Wall Switches and other INSTEON devices, the INSTEON Hub makes it easy
to configure lighting scenes,set on and off schedules, add in sensors, receive text message alerts for door and window openings,
water leaks and smoke and even remote monitoring and control from a smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world.

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Smartphone: Control Central

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    Mini Remote-Ready

    Painless remote control.

    You don’t need the most advanced automation system in the world to take advantage of the power of INSTEON. Thanks to the inclusion of Dual-Band technology in every INSTEON Wall Switch, you can link any number of wireless Mini Remotes to your INSTEON Wall Switch. Place a Wireless Switch on your nightstand and turn off the bedroom lights under the covers or use a 4-Scene Mini Remote in the living room to adjust the lights for movie time.

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    On Level

    Custom brightness presets.

    Not every room needs to be bright all the time. As a matter of fact, some light fixtures are so bright that a fraction of the brightness is all that’s necessary. The customizable On Level in an INSTEON switch lets you pick how bright your lights are when you tap the switch. Set the brightness to be anywhere from 1 to 100% and every time you tap the switch, it will return to that brightness. Need the lights at full brightness? Just double tap.

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    Ramp Rate

    Tortoise or hare: your choice.

    Traditional light switches stop at on and off. You can add a dimmer, but dimmers haven’t changed since 1959. INSTEON switches feature a customizable Ramp Rate that lets you decide how quickly a light will turn on and off. Program hallways and utility areas to turn on instantly but let the lights in your master bathroom, kitchen and dining room slowly turn on over the course of 5 seconds. Ramp rates can be customized anywhere from instant to 9 minutes.

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    Powerful wireless lighting control.

    Lightbulb jokes aside, INSTEON shines when controlling multiple lights. Scenes allow you to adjust multiple lights simultaneously from a single button. You can turn off every single light in your home or create moods by dimming lighting for Movie Time, Entertaining, etc. Every dimmable light in a scene can have its own ramp rate and on level giving you inexorable control over the quality of light.

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